Helpful resources

Here's some resources our support team has put together to help you along your way.

Contact our team

If you've looked through everything above and are still stuck, there are multiple ways to contact our 24/7 support team!

Discord Support

We have a friendly, active Discord community which you can join using the invite link

Just join the discord and ask your question in the #support channel - or if you want to speak to the team privately open a ticket by typing /ticket.

Please note that certain issues can only be dealt with via a billing ticket, such as refunds, or upgrades.

Billing Ticket

You can submit a ticket on our billing panel at

The team might take slightly longer to reply to billing tickets however please don't "bump" the ticket or reply back multiple times, as we answer tickets in the order of longest wait time since your last reply.

To make sure we have all the details needed to help you, please ensure you include all relevant information for example console logs (which can be sent via MCPaste), the server ID in question, and a detailed description of the issue. Additionally, please make sure you've logged into your account so we can verify who you are!